Growing Vegetables for Homemade Soup

Each pupil in Ms. Horgan’s classroom was involved in planting vegetable seeds before the Summer holidays. We planted seeds to grow carrots and beetroot.

When we returned to school after our Summer holidays,the seeds had grown into beautiful, fully grown vegetables. September is harvest time, so we were able to eat the ripe vegetables from the garden patch at the back of the school.

The class with Ms. Horgan decided to make homemade soup using the carrots we had grown. With the carrots, we added our own ingredients such as onion, garlic, potatoes and vegetable stock.

Everyone was involved in peeling or washing the vegetables. Ms. Horgan helped to boil and cook the vegetables. When they were ready, we added the stock. We then blended everything to make a beautiful, tasty soup.

We were all very happy to taste it and take some home after school. It was very nice to see how soup could be made using the vegetables that we had helped to grow.

Written by: Sinéad Garvey