Green School

Help us reduce litter and waste on the environment.

Doonbeg NS Green Schools

We are currently working towards our first Green Flag. The theme which we are working on is Litter and Waste.

What We Can Do
The following are a few ideas to help us reduce litter and waste on the environment.


  • Ask whether you really NEED the product before you buy
  • Say NO to plastic bags, use reusable bags instead
  • Buy products that have less packaging and highlight the issue to suppliers


  • Use a lunchbox instead of cling film or tin foil and reusable drinks bottles
  • Make sure you use the double sided facility on the photocopier
  • Use waste paper for art or as scrap paper


  • Re-use old bottles, jars and containers for storage or for use in art class
  • Bring re-usable bags when you go shopping
  • Swap clothes, books, video games and music with friends instead of throwing them away


  • Know what you can/cannot recycle (waste collection companies may vary)
  • Hazardous materials (oil, paint or batteries) should all be recycled
  • Aim to buy products that are recycled

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