The Titanic

In History, we were learning about the story of the Titanic. It was thought to be an unsinkable boat built in Belfast.

The captain of the ship was Edward J. Smith. Bruce Ismay became Managing Director of the White Star Line in 1899.

On April 2nd 1912, the Titanic sailed to Southampton in the south of England. When the Titanic arrived in Cobh/Queenstown there was an estimated 2223 people on board.

On April 11th, it headed out into the Atlantic Ocean. On April 14th, the Titanic hit an iceberg. There were not enough of lifeboats on the ship, but never the less they only used 16 of the 20 lifeboats on board.

It sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. People have recovered many antiques from the ocean floor and have preserved them in containers at a specific temperature.

The remaining parts of the Titanic will have disappeared in few years.

By Maitiú and Robbie